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The Otter
08 November 2020 @ 06:03 pm

Contained in this journal:


-game reviews

-movie reviews

-anime/manga reviews and discussions

-random memes (very rarely)

-life updates (never fear, my life is nearly 100% drama free)
The Otter
01 June 2011 @ 12:28 pm
I just realized that I've never made a post pimping the many many many many many webcomics I read, which is a total bummer because I adore all the webcomics I read (along with most of their artists and writers /cough. go read and enjoy their comic, and then buy some of their swag. THESE ARE STARVING ARTISTS.).

Sooo, here we go~ I'll do this by title, link to the site where you can read it, and then a teeny blurb about why I love and read the comic :]

Onwards to my list of beloved webcomics that you need to read to LIVE.Collapse )
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The Otter
02 January 2011 @ 02:10 am
So to ring in the New Year, I sat down and made 100 icons today. Well, not really for the New Year... I was going to finish my secret Santa fic earlier today, but I got caught up making icons 8D;

[100] - Durarara!! (various characters/pairings, lots of Shizaya)


Onwards to the obnoxiously bright colors!Collapse )

Please credit me in the description if you use any of these~ :) Thank you!

And now I really need to finish my secret Santa...
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The Otter
22 June 2010 @ 09:20 pm
[24] - Kuroshitsuji


Iconsss!Collapse )
Manga colourings used with permission from Suzumiyasan on deviantart.

Please credit, and comments are much obliged :D
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